Setting Up Vehicle Physics Pro #

VPP may be downloaded as:

Requirements #

Scripting Runtime Version and API Compatibility Level may be configured in Project Settings > Player > Other Settings > Configuration section.

Download and import VPP unitypackage #

  1. Download the .unitypackage file. Professional and Enterprise editions require an active VPP subscription.

  2. Import the package into an Unity 3D project.

    • VPP is imported into the folder Assets/Vehicle Physics Pro. Feel free to move it to a different location.
    • Check out the Readme PDF file in that folder for an initial overview of VPP.

Configure the Project Settings #

It is recommended to use Linear color space (Project Settings > Player > Other Settings).

The subfolder VPP Project Settings provides specific .unitypackage files that may be imported individually to configure specific project sections.

Project Settings files

Current Project Settings will be overriden

Each file overrides the project’s settings in the corresponding section. Ensure to have a backup or note down your values for combining them with the VPP settings.

Project Settings - Input
Required for the keyboard input to work correctly (i.e. switch gears in the included demos). Alternatively, you could manually configure the input axes Horizontal, Vertical, Fire2 and Fire3 as described here.
Project Settings - Physics

Physics settings used in VPP. Note that importing this file overrides your project’s Layer Collision Matrix. You may restore your own collision matrix afterwards (VPP doesn't require any special collision matrix).

WARNING: Don't configure Solver Type = Temporal Gauss Seidel (TGS) in the physics settings as this causes weird issues in vehicles. Always configure Solver Type = Projected Gauss Seidel (PGS).

Project Settings - Quality
Enhances the visual quality of the shadows and textures in large scenarios.
Project Settings - Tags And Layers
VPP demos and examples use User Layer 8 as Vehicles for visibility and reflection probes. Note that this Vehicles layer is not a requirement of VPP. Only the demos and examples use it.

You can now head to the Getting Started section for start using Vehicle Physics Pro.

Using the GIT repositories #

Instead of importing the unitypackages you may clone the VPP repositories directly as submodules in your project. This allows your project to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in VPP as they're pushed to the repository. Accessing the repositories requires an active VPP subscription.

First you have to configure your SSH keys in your account in (login with your VPP credentials).

GIT and SSH keys

You can learn about GIT and SSH keys in the GitHub help. Once created, simply configure your SSH key in your account in instead of GitHub.

Then you may either:

Continuous Integration systems

If you're using a CI system such as TeamCity, ensure to set the refresh interval to a reasonable rate. 1-2 times per day is enough to keep the VPP repositories updated (12 hours = 720 minutes = 43200 seconds).