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Vehicle Physics Pro Support Questions & Answers

Product support #

Getting support directly from the developer requires a license and an active subscription. One year of support and updates is already included in the license fee.

Professional Edition
Product support by email is provided to the licensee individual.
Enterprise Edition
Product support is provided by email, Skype, Discord, MS Teams, etc to teams of up to 10 individuals. Custom support plans are available for larger teams.

Professional Services #

Dedicated professional services are available on-demand at hourly rates.

Vehicle Configuration
Send us your 3D model and the vehicle specifications. We'll prepare and configure it for you as closely as possible to the available specifications.
Custom Development
Custom features or specific functionalities may be implemented on request. This includes custom vehicles, add-on components, scripts, custom integrations, etc.
Let us take a close look at your project and we'll propose solutions tailored to your specific needs related with vehicles.
Training and Learning
We can teach you or your team to work with Vehicle Physics Pro in any level. From basic vehicle creation and configuration to advanced diagnostics and fine-tunning.
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Development services are also bound by the Vehicle Physics Pro SDK License Agreement (PDF)