Licensing Vehicle Physics Pro #

Vehicle Physics Pro is at the final stage of development. Early Access is available now with the Professional and Enterprise Licenses. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Compare editions #

License versions, terms, content and pricing are subject to changes during the Early Access stage.

Full-featured Vehicle Controller component
Example locations and vehicles
Simultaneous vehicles on each scene 1 unlimited unlimited
High-quality locations and vehicles
Multiple ground materials with tire effects (marks, smoke....)
Supports Custom vehicles and components
Mobile touch-based controller
DirectInput controller with force feedback (Windows only)
XBox controller support (360 and One) (Windows only)
Email support individual team
Number of developers 1 up to 10
Full source code included
Advanced simulation features: multi-body vehicles, dynamic suspension, liquid cargo
Specialized vehicle support: motorbike, caterpillar, mining, excavators, hydraulic actuators
Autonomous vehicles framework: self-drive, automated tests, telemetry export to CSV
D-Box Motion Cueing integration
Skype support
May be licensed by companies with annual revenue / funds / budget in excess of €200,000
License Setup Fee
License is perpetual after this payment
Free €390 €4900
Support & updates via GIT repository
First year included in the license setup fee
n/a €90

Notes #

Subscription #

The subscription model allows continuous development, feature updates, and product support in the long term.

Additional Services #

Vehicle Rig and Setup

Send me your 3D model and the vehicle specifications. I'll rig and configure it for you as closely as possible to the real vehicle.

Custom Development

Let me take a close look at your project and I'll propose solutions to your specific issues with vehicles. I can also configure your vehicles to match your project's specifications.

Training and Learning

I can teach you or your team to work with Vehicle Physics Pro in any level. From basic rigging and setup to advanced vehicle fine-tunning.

Rates #
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Terms & Conditions #

Vehicle Physics Pro SDK License Agreement (PDF)