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Full-featured Vehicle Controller and Wheel Collider components
Essential components:
Telemetry, Audio, Anti-roll bar, keyboard input, visual effects, rolling friction, aerodynamics
Example locations and vehicles
Wheels per vehicle 4 1-20 1‑unlimited
Simultaneous vehicles in each scene 1 unlimited unlimited
Supported platforms Desktop All All
Multiple ground materials with tire effects (tire marks, smoke...)
Custom extensions support: custom add-ons, custom vehicles, custom parts
Frame-exact replay system with pause, forward/reverse playback, flashback...
Vehicle damage with mesh deformation and degradation of handling
Advanced telemetry tools: real-time performance charts, weight distribution
High-quality locations and vehicles (WIP)
Mobile touch-based controller (WIP)
DirectInput controller with force feedback (Windows only)
XBox gamepad support (360 and One) (Windows only)
Support by email. Other support options individual team
Number of developers 1 up to 10
Full source code included
Advanced simulation features: multi-body vehicles, solid and liquid cargo components
Advanced suspension features: damper bump & rebound, dynamic suspension, bump stop
Specialized vehicle controllers: motorbike, caterpillar, mining, excavators, hydraulic actuators. Showcase
Advanced vehicle controllers: electric, hybrid, two-wheeled, bulldozer, diesel-electric, tracked, hydraulic-tracked
Advanced Editor tools: Engine configuration (Experimental), Quick Vehicle Creation tool
Framework for AI and autonomous vehicles: self-drive, automated tests, path follow, export data to CSV
Unity Timeline integration for splines
Motion platform support: D-Box, Simtools 2.0, CXC
Support by Skype / Discord / MS Teams. All support options
May be licensed by organizations with annual revenue / funds / budget in excess of €200,000
License Fee
One-time payment, perpetual license
FREE € 590 € 5900
Support and updates
First year included in the license fee
n/a € 190
€ 1900

License versions, terms, content and pricing are subject to change without prior notice.

Notes #

Subscription #

The VPP license is perpetual. Only receiving support and updates requires an active subscription.

The subscription fee allows continuous development, feature updates, and product support in the long term.

Terms & Conditions #

Vehicle Physics Pro SDK License Agreement (PDF)