Vehicle Physics Pro #

An advanced vehicle simulation kit for Unity 3D providing fully realistic and accurate vehicle physics.

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Advanced AAA+ vehicle physics simulation

Built on top of an accurate vehicle dynamics solver providing realistic results for all vehicle types and setups.

Modular powertrain design

Vehicle dynamics core is implemented with functional blocks with inputs and/or outputs that can be connected in any number and combination. Any vehicle setup can be emulated by arranging and connecting blocks. VPP includes standard vehicle blocks such as engine, clutch, gearbox, differential, torque splitter, and more.

Advanced wheel and tire friction simulation

Provides accurate friction values in all situations. All torques acting in the wheel are properly combined resulting in accurate tire forces and correctly calculated wheel spin rate.

Realistic and coherent

The underlying concept is a custom vehicle simulation model based on essential physics facts: forces, torques and frictions. This model is easier to understand and simpler to calculate than the commonly used models, yet providing physically accurate and realistic results.

More features and details

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Development roadmap #

Base: Tire friction, solver, modular torque model


Steering, Brakes

Engine + clutch


Driveline and axle setup

Repository clean up and upgrade to Unity 5

Skidmarks, smoke, tire trails

Vehicle audio: engine, turbo, impacts, tire skid...

Minor bug fixes and code polishing

Scenes and vehicles for tests

Enter the Beta stage!

Generic steering wheels support (DirectInput)

Performance Analysis Charts

Replay system with rewind & continue

Driving aids

Demo scenes and examples

Package for the Unity Asset Store

First release!

Complete the documentation

Anisotropic tire friction

Hybrid 3D wheel solution

Feedback is welcome!

  • General usage, workflow, integration in current projects.
  • Simulation: components, settings, behavior.
  • Documentation: things you would want to learn, know about, or are not fully understood.
  • Documentation: typo and grammar fixes.

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