Vehicle Physics Pro

Vehicle Physics Pro (VPP for short) is an advanced vehicle simulation kit for Unity that provides efficient, fully realistic and accurate vehicle simulations for almost all vehicle types and configurations.

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Vehicle Physics Pro Community Edition

Professional and Enterprise licenses are available for individuals and organizations.

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Take-Two Interactive, Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Scania, UPS
Huawei, Metamoto, Unity, Simumak, CVedia


Awesome. Accurate and Professional. I have been using VPP for over 4 years and all I can say is that this product is truly amazing. It is well designed, everything makes sense. When you are simulating some feature and a secondary effect appears, it is always a real physic or dynamic consequence. This is great, because sometimes the result is counterintuitive, but VPP helps you to understand the reality more than your own perception.
(Manuel Espino, Simumak)