Vehicle Physics Pro demos #

Try Vehicle Physics Pro yourself with these demos for Windows / Mac OS X / Android.

JPickup Demo #

Download Vehicle Physics Pro JPickup Demo
PC/Windows (29 MB) | Mac OS X (34 MB, old version)

The reviewed City scenery with the VPP-based JPickup truck. Includes a Setup dialog for configuring the most typical features in a standard car:

The Setup dialog includes built-in help. Just move the mouse over an option to see its description.

Supported control methods are keyboard, XBox gamepads, and these steering wheel models:

Note: Xbox gamepad and steering wheel controllers are supported in the PC/Windows versions only.

Seat Leon Cup Demo #

Seat Leon Cup Racer 2016 TCR

Download Vehicle Physics Pro Seat Leon Cup Demo
Android APK (79 MB)

Android version #

Video #