Vehicle Physics Pro demos #

Try Vehicle Physics Pro yourself with these demos for PC/Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Download and unpack to a folder of your choice.
  • Run the Vehicle Physics Pro Demo executable (Windows) or the app file (Mac).
  • Check out the in-game help (button ?) for mappings and further instructions.
All demos include:
  • Full-featured interactive dashboard.
  • Detailed live telemetry data.
  • Performance chart with analysis tool.
  • Support for keyboard, XBox gamepad and several steering wheel controllers with force feedback.
  • Support for motion platforms (D-BOX and SimTools 2.0).
  • Driver assists and steering assist.
  • Multiple camera modes (C key)
  • Complete in-game help.

Note: Xbox gamepad and steering wheel controllers are supported in the PC/Windows versions only.

JPickup Demo #

Download Vehicle Physics Pro JPickup Demo
PC/Windows (29 MB) | Mac OS X (34 MB, old version)

The reviewed City scenery with the VPP-based JPickup truck. Includes a Setup dialog for configuring the most typical features in a standard car:

The Setup dialog includes built-in help. Just move the mouse over an option to see its description.

Steering Wheel Support #

Currently the demos support these steering wheel models:

If you have any other model and want it supported, you can greatly help me to support it by following these instructions:

  1. Ensure all the steering wheel parts are connected and enabled (wheel, shifter, pedals...)
  2. The configuration should be as standard and default as possible in the device's control panel.
  3. Disable any "combined pedals" option or similar in the devicel's control panel. Gas and brake pedals should be configured to use an independent axis each.
  4. Download and open the JPickup Demo.
  5. Open the Input Config section (devices icon at the toolbar):

    VPP - Steering Wheel Device debug window

  6. Select Wheel. Your wheel should be initialized. Note down the information here: wheel model, buttons, axes, and force feedback (ffb) motors.

  7. Click on the information. A new debug window appears at the top-right of your screen. This window lively shows the raw values read from your wheel.

Get information on the axes and buttons #

  1. Move the steering wheel full-left to full-right and center. Note down which axis changes (A0, A1, etc) and the values for left, right and center.
  2. Press and release each pedal. Note down which axis changes (A0, A1, etc) and the values for fully pressed and fully released.
  3. Move each d-pad, POV, joystick or lever in your wheel. If any of the POVs change (P0, P1, etc) note it down.
  4. All other controls should be mapped to buttons (BT). No need to note down these, as I should be able to get them from the documentation of your wheel model.

Get information on the Force Feedback #

  1. Ensure that Mappings is configured as Logitech G27 in the Input Config > Wheel section.
  2. Open the Car Setup section (wrench icon), then configure these options:

    • Transmission = Automatic
    • Coupling = Clutch
    • Engine Stall = Off

    VPP - Input Config for force-feedback tests

    The engine starts and the car begins moving slowly.

  3. Move the steering wheel gently and feel the force feedback. Note down if the direction of the force feedback is correct (tries to re-center the wheel) or opposite (tries to move the wheel further in the current direction).

Send me all the information you've noted down to and I'll add support to your wheel in the next version. Thanks!!