Licensing Vehicle Physics Pro

Vehicle Physics Pro is at the final stage of development and it has not been released yet. However Early Access to Vehicle Physics Pro is now available with the Professional and Enterprise Licenses. Please contact me directly at for more information.

License versions, terms, content and pricing are not definitive and are subject to changes before the first release.

Compare editions

Full-featured Vehicle Controller component
Example locations and vehicles
Unlimited simultaneous vehicles on each scene
Standard vehicles (SUV, sport car...)
Support for custom vehicles and components
Mobile touch-based controller
Email support 1
Full source code
Exclusive high-quality locations and vehicles
DirectInput controller with force feedback (Windows only)
XBox controller support (360 and One) (Windows only)
Advanced simulation features: multi-body vehicles, dynamic suspension, liquid cargo
Direct support via Skype 2
Source code updates (via GIT repository) 1 year 2 years
Priority support
Define VPP development priorities
Team support including group chats and videoconferences
Access to the project's tracking system (RedMine)
License covers unlimited developers (single studio)
May be licensed by companies with annual revenue / funds / budget in excess of US\$100,000
10 days of Expert Assistance 3
License Price 4 Free $190 $480 $4800


1 Email support in the Standard and Professional licenses is limited to an individual person per license.

2 Skype support in the Professional license is limited to an individual person per license.

3 Expert Assistance days included with the Enterprise License do not expire and can be requested anytime. We would book specific days in advance, consecutive or non-consecutive, of your choice for me to work remotely with your team in your project, for the entire working day, at your schedule.

4 Prices do not include PayPal fees or taxes (if applicable).

Additional services

Expert Assistance

Let me take a close look at your project and I'll propose solutions to your specific issues with vehicles. I can also configure your vehicles to match your project's specifications. Ask me me for a quote. Confidentiality is always a default to me, but I'll sign an NDA upon request.

Vehicle Rig and Setup

Send me your 3D model and the real specifications. I'll rig and configure it for you as closely as possible to the real vehicle. Ask me me for a quote.

Licensing terms and conditions